Galfan Coated Steel Wire

Surface Coating: Galvanizing

Features: Galfan wire offers high tensile strength, small tolerance, Shiny surface, good corrosion prevention

Application: Galfan wire is used for stranded conductors in overhead power circuitry



zinc–5 % aluminummischmetal (Zn–5Al–MM) alloy-coated, steel core wire for use in Overhead Electrical Conductors. ACSS ACSS/TW The high temperature low sag solution. Zinc-5% Aluminum mischmetal alloy galvanized steel wire is used for Power Transmission and Distribution Line Hardware,Slope protection、Undersea optical cable armoured with low carbon galvanized steel wire,Overhead Electrical Conductors.


Galfan coated wire is covered with Zn-Al (Al 5%+Zn 95% or Al 10%+Zn 90%) alloy. Its corrosion resistance performance is about three times stronger than traditional galvanized wire. This is why it can be used to achieve a longer service life than the wires which are made of other materials. Through the replacement of traditional zinc coating with a thinner galfan wire coating, it offers improved weldability and formability properties.


ASTM B802 803 958


Round, high strength, extra-high-strength, and ultra-high-strength, Class A B C coated


operates continuously at high temperatures up to 250°C, with proper steel coating, ensuring maximum utilization and performance; standard coating for high temperature operation is a Zn-5% Al Mischmetal coating so that customers can take full advantage of the 250°C continuous operating temperature rating. Galvanized coatings are rated only 180°C for continuous operation.


ASTM B802-02-American Society for Testing and Materials

Specified Diameter of Coated Wire,mmArea Density of Coating, min, oz/ft2 of Uncoated Wire Surface

Class AClass BClass C
0.0500 to 0.0599, incl0.601.201.80
0.0600 to 0.0749, incl0.651.301.95
0.0750 to 0.0899, incl0.701.402.10
0.0900 to 0.1039, incl0.751.502.25
0.1040 to 0.1199, incl0.801.602.40
0.1200 to 0.1399, incl0.851.702.55
0.1400 to 0.1799, incl0.901.802.70
0.1800 to 0.1900, incl1.002.003.00

TABLE 5 Tensile Requirements

Specified Diameter, in.Stress at 1 % Extension, min, KsiUltimate Tensile Strength, min, MPaElongation in 250 mm, min, %
Class AClass BClass CClass AClass BClass CClass AClass BClass C
1.60 to 2.30, incl1901801702102001903.03.03.0
Over 2.30 to 3.05, incl1851751652051951853.53.03.0
Over 3.05 to 3.60, incl1801701602051951854.03.03.0
Over 3.60 to 4.80, incl1701601552001851804.04.04.0

ASTM B802-10 Zn-5Al-MM Alloy Coating (Metric)

  Specified Diameter of Coated Wire, mmArea Density of Coating, min.g/m2 of Uncoated Wire Surface

Class AClass C
1.27 to 1.52, incl183549
1.53 to 1.90, incl198594
1.91 to 2.28, incl214642
2.29 to 2.64, incl229687
2.65 to 3.04, incl244732
3.05 to 3.55, incl259777
3.56 to 4.57, incl274822

Normal Grade Tensile Requirements (Metric)

Specified Diameter, mmStress at 1 % Extension, min, MPaUltimate Tensile Strength, min, MPaElongation in 250 mm, min, %

Class AClass CClass AClass CClass AClass C
1.27 to 2.28, incl13101170145013103.03.0
2.29 to 3.04, incl12801140141012803.53.0
3.05 to 3.55, incl12401100141012804.03.0
3.56 to 4.82, incl11701070138012404.04.0

ASTM B803 Tensile Requirements

Specified DiameterStress at 1 % Extension, minUltimate Tensile Strength, minElongation in 10 in. or 250 mm,
in.mmksiMPaksiMPamin %
0.0500 to 0.0899, incl1.270 to 2.283, incl210145023516203.0
0.0900 to 0.1199, incl2.286 to 3.045, incl205141023015903.0
0.1200 to 0.1399, incl3.048 to 3.553, incl200138022515503.5
0.1400 to 0.1900, incl3.556 to 4.823, incl195134022015203.5

ASTM B958-Grade 4 Extra-High-Strength Tensile Requirements (Metric)

Specified Diameter, mmStress at 1% Extension,Ultimate Tensile Strength,Elongation in 250 mm, min %

min, MPamin, MPa
1.27 to 2.28, incl155018253.0
2.29 to 3.04, incl151517903.0
3.05 to 3.55, incl148017603.5
3.56 to 4.82, incl145017253.5

Grade 5 Ultra-High-Strength Tensile Requirements (Metric)

Specified Diameter, mmStress at 1% Extension,Ultimate Tensile Strength,Elongation in 250 mm, min %

min, MPamin, MPa
1.27 to 2.28, incl158019653.0
2.29 to 3.04, incl155019003.0
3.05 to 3.55, incl151518603.5
3.56 to 4.82, incl148018253.5

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