Immobility Clamp for Pole

Product name: Immobility Clamp

Application: Tower and Pole

Surface: Hot Dip Galvanzied

Material: Iron


Immobility Clamp is used for fixing or connecting other hardware fittings onto the tower/pole. It is divided into Immobility Clamp for tower and Immobility Clamp for Pole. Immobility Clamp for tower uses metal clamp while Immobility Clamp for Pole uses hoop.

Tension Clamp is used for angle tower or terminal tower to provide suspension point for ADSS cable. Straight Clamp is used on tangent tower while hoop is used to fix Preformed Dead-end and Preformed Suspension Set on the pole to provide suspension point on ADSS cable.


NameTypeDiameter of fixing locationsMaterialDevastating Load (kN)

Immobility Clamp

HBG 070 125101~125mmgalvanized steel70
HBG 070 150126~150mm70
HBG 070 175151~175mm70
HBG 070 200176~200mm70
HBG 070225201~225mm70
HBG 070 250226 ~250mm70
HBG 070 275251~275mm70
HBG 070 300276~ 300mm70
HBG 070325301~325mm70
HBG 070 350326~350mm70
HBG 070 375351~375mm70
HBG 070 400376~400mm70
HBG 070 450426~450mm70
HBG 070 475451~475mm70
HBG 070 500476~500mm70
HBG 070525501~525mm70
HBG 070550526~550mm70
HBG 070575551~575mm70
HBG 070600576~600mm70
HBG 070 625601~625mm70
HBG 070 650626~650mm70
HBG 070675651~675mm70
HBG 070 700676~700mm70

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