Two Or Four Self-supporting LV ABC Line Anchoring Clamp

Insulated self-supporting ABC line anchoring clamp is used for the anchoring of a 2 or 4 core overhead cable to poles or walls by means of standard hooks.


The self-supporting ABC line anchoring clamp designed to anchor insulated service lines with 2 or 4 conductors of airdac/concentric cable, in LV ABC insulated overhead systems, up to 1 KV.

Applied on cable from 16 to 35 mm2 in branch / service/ end user electrical connections. Tightening installationtroque should not be lower than 22 N*m.


Self-opening feature is realized by springs that keep theclamp in open position during the installation. Bolt threadalum plate,directly.Absense of additional nut simplify the installation process.The construction of bolted clamp PA-157 allows installations with LV ABC hooks and brackets.


Productor CodeCable TypeSize (mm²)Minimum Breaking Load(KN)Overhead Line
PA-1572 core ABC16-352×16mm² 2.5KNEnd use connections, up to 1kv
2×25mm² 4KN
2×35mm² 5.6KN
PA-1584 core ABC16-354×16mm² 2.5KNEnd use connections, up to 1kv
4×25mm² 4KN
4×35mm² 5.6KN

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