Preformed/Helical Suspension Clamp for ADSS

Preformed/Helical Suspension Set for ADSS is mainly used for  hanging and  supporting optical cable on  straight tower/pole,  to transfer axial load and divert axial pressure and provide well protection for optical cable, 


Usage and characteristics:

Suspension clamp set for ADSS is composed by aluminum alloy and aluminum-clad steel helical rods, Aluminum housing and other link fittings.

Helical Suspension Set for  ADSS is mainly used for  hanging and  supporting optical cable on  straight tower/pole,  to transfer axial load and divert axial pressure and provide well protection for optical cable, it also protect ADSS from emergencies caused by too small bending radius or stress concentration. Grip strength of the Suspension Set is larger than 15%-20% of ADSS rated tensile strength; it is fatigue resistance and can serve as vibration reduction.

Helical Suspension Set for ADSS is divided into several kinds in according to ADSS span length, includes Short Span Suspension Set, Single Layer Suspension Set, Double Layers Single Point Suspension Set (abbreviation is Single Suspension), and Dual Point Suspension Set (abbreviation is Double Suspension).

Product categories:

  • Short Span Suspension Set and Single Layer Suspension Set

single layer suspension set.png

Short Span Suspension Set for ADSS cable is mainly used for span length within 100m; Single layer Suspension Set is mainly used for span length between 100m and 200m.

  • Single Suspension Set for ADSS

adss single suspension clamp.png

If Suspension Set for ADSS is adopted double layers helical rods designing, generally it is used for 200m span length ADSS installation.

Suspension set for ADSS is composed by aluminum alloy helical rods, Aluminum housing and other link fittings.

  • Double Suspension Set for ADSS

adss double suspension clamp.png

Double Suspension Sets for ADSS cable is mainly used for ADSS installation on pole/tower with large falling head, and span length is larger than 800 meters or line corner is more than 30°.


Short Span Suspension Set and Single Layer Suspension Set

ltemTypeAvailable Dia.of Cable(mm)Available Span (m)
Tangent Clamp for ADSSACQ100/130010.5-13.0100
ACQ 100/155013.1-15.5100
ACQ 100/180015.6-18.0100
Ring type Suspension for ADSSACLB 108010.2-10.8100
ACLB 115010.9-11.5100
ACLB 122011.6-12.2100
ACLB 129012.3-12.9100
ACLB 136013.0-13.6100
ACLB 143013.7-14.3100
single layer Preformed rods
tangent clamp for ADSS
ACD 09408.8-9.4200
ACD 10109.5-10.1200
ACD 108010.2-10.8200
ACD 122011.6-12.2200
ACD 129012.3-12.9200
ACD 136013.0-13.6200
ACD 143013.7-14.3200

The symbols of “ACQ” are: A-apply to ADSS cable, C-suspension set, Q-tangent clamp

The symbols of “ACLB” are: A-apply to ADSS cable, C-suspension set, L-helical rods, B-ring type suspension The symbols of “ACD” are: A-apply to ADSS cable, C-suspension set, D-single layer preformed rods

Single Suspension Set for ADSS

TypeAvailable Dia. of CableAvailable Span(m)
Min.(mm)Max. (mm)
ACL 300/09408.89.4200-300
ACL 300/10109.510.1200-300
ACL 300/108010.210.8200-300
ACL 300/115010.911.5200-300
ACL 300/122011.612.2200-300
ACL 300/129012.312.9200-300
ACL 300/13601313.6200-300
ACL 400/115010.911.5300-400
ACL 400/122011.612.2300-400
ACL 400/129012.312.9300-400
ACL 400/13601313.6300-400
ACL 400/150014.415300-400
ACL 500/115010.911.5400-500
ACL 500/122011.612.2400-500
ACL 500/129012.312.9400-500
ACL 500/13601313.6400-500
ACL 500/143013.714.3400-500
ACL 500/150014.415400-500
ACL 500/157015.115.7400-500
ACL 600/129012.312.9500-600
ACL 600/13601313.6500-600
ACL 600/143013.714.3500-600
ACL 600/150014.415500-600
ACL 600/157015.115.7500-600
ACL 600/164015.816.4500-600
ACL 800/13601313.6700-800
ACL 800/143013.714.3700-800
ACL 800/150014.415700-800
ACL 800/157015.115.7700-800
ACL 800/164015.816.4700-800
ACL 800/171016.517.1700-800
ACL 1000/164015.816.4900-1000
ACL 1000/171016.517.1900-1000
ACL 1000/178017.217.8900-1000
ACL 1000/185017.918.5900-1000

The symbols of “ACL” are: A-apply to ADSS cable, C-suspension set, L-helical rods 

Double Suspension Set for ADSS

TypeAvailable Dia.of CableAvailable Span(m)
ACLS 500/09408.89.4100-500
ACLS 500/10109.510.1100-500
ACLS 500/108010.210.8100-500
ACLS 500/115010.911.5100-500
ACLS 500/122011.612.2100-500
ACLS 500/129012.312.9100-500
ACLS 500/13601313.6100-500
ACLS 500/143013.714.3100-500
ACLS 500/150014.415100-500
ACLS 122011.612.2600-1000
ACLS 129012.312.9600-1000
ACLS 13601313.6600-1000
ACLS 143013.714.3600-1000
ACLS 150014.415600-1000
ACLS 164015.816.4600-1000
ACLS 171016.517.1600-1000
ACLS 178017.217.8600-1000
ACLS 185017.918.5600-1000

The symbols of “ACLS” are: A-apply to ADSS cable, C-suspension set, L-helical rods, S-double suspension set

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