OPGW Single Preformed/Helical Suspension Clamp

Helical Suspension Set is mainly used for hanging and supporting optical fiber cable on straight pole and tower, to transmit axial load and divert axial pressure which provide well protection for optical cable, to avoid emergencies happen  such as too small bending radius or stress concentration. Grip strength of the Suspension Set is larger than 15% -20% rated tensile strength of the cable, which is fatigue resistance and can serve as vibration reduction.


Helical Suspension Clamp Set for OPGW will disperse the stress of suspension point to the whole length of helical armor rods; effectively reduce static pressure and dynamic stress caused by Aeolian vibration; to protect OPGW cable from the damage caused by above mentioned factors, greatly improve fatigue resistance of the cable, and extend the service life of OPGW cable.

Single suspension clamp for OPGW in a straight line connecting tower, single-sided suspension angle is 15-18, inner and outer spiral combination of preformed wire cable can be well protected, no stress concentration to avoid bending stress on the fiber optic cable for protection and the role of secondary vibration. Complete suspension clamp set including inner and outer preformed wire, suspension head and matched link fittings, Cable clamp grip strength is greater than 10%-20% of the rated tensile strength.

OPGW Single Suspension Set

opgw single suspension set.png


OPGW Single Suspension Set    

TypeAvailable Dia.of CableRTS of cable (kN)
Min. (mm)Max.(mm)
OCL 060/08708.18.760
OCL 060/09408.89.460
OCL 060/10109.510.160
OCL 060/108010.210.860
OCL 060/115010.911.560
OCL 060/122011.612.260
OCL 060/129012.312.960
OCL 060/13601313.660
OCL O80/08708.18.780
OCL 080/09408.89.480
OCL 080/10109.510.180
OCL 080/108010.210.880
OCL 080/115010.911.580
OCL 080/122011.612,280
OCL 080/129012312.980
OCL O80/13601313.680
OCL 080/143013.714.380
OCL 100/115010.911.5100
OCL 100/122011.612.2100
OCL 100/13601313.6100
OCL 100/150014.415100
OCL 120/122011.612.2120
OCL 120/13601313.6120
OCL 120/143013.714.3120
OCL 120/150014.415120
OCL 120/157015.115.7120
OCL 120/164015.816.4120
OCL 140/150014.415140
OCL 140/157015.115.7140
OCL 140/171016.517.1140
OCL 140/185017.918.5140

The symbols of “OCL” are: O-apply to OPGW cable, C-suspension set, L-helical rods     

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