Two Or Four Core Anchoring Clamp Dead End Clamp

Tension clamp for the anchoring of 2 or 4 core overhead cables to poles or walls by standard hooks. Tension clamp anchoring clamp dead end is equipped with a spring to make the installation easier.


Applied on cable from 10 to 50 mm² in main / branch / service / end user electrical connections. Tightening installation troque should not be lower than 22 N·m. 

ABC cable anchoring clamp metal tension clamp is made of electro galvanized or hot dip galvanized steel, UV resistant, FG reinforced poly-mers, galvanized hardware.


Productor CodeCable typeSize(mm²)Minimum breaking load(KN)Overhead Line Application
PA-2152 core ABC10-502×10mm² 2.5KNMain connections/End use connections, up to 1 kv
2×16mm² 3.5KN
21×25mm² 5KN
2×35mm² 6KN
2×50mm² 6KN
PA-415/PA-415Y4 core ABC10-504×10mm² 5KNMain connections/End use connections, up to 1 kv
4×16mm² 7KN
4×25mm² 10KN
4×35mm² 12KN
4×16mm² 12KN

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