Optical Fiber Composition Phase Conductor (OPPC)


Engineered to match existing conductors

Available in fiber counts up to 144

Distribution or Transmission - from 36 to 245 kV

Suitable for any type of optical fiber, single-mode or multimode

Designed to match electrical properties of conductor it replaces

Uses standard fiber optic dead ends and suspension grips

Full range of hardware options available



Optical Fiber Composition Phase Conductor (OPPC) is the optical cable that compounds the fiber in the phase conductor.

OPPC makes full use of the power system's own line resources to avoid conflicts with the outside environment in frequency resources, routing coordination, electromagnet compatibility and so on, it is a new type of special power optical cable for power communication. In the 1980s, some countries allowed OPPC to be used in power system below 200KV, and they were already set up to operate in Europe and America.

In the current power grid of our country, the three-phase power system transmission is generally adopted, and the power communication of the system is normally operated in the traditional way. If replace one phase of the three- phase with OPPC to form a three-phase power system which is composed of two conductors and one OPPC, then no communication lines would be extra needed to solve the problem of automation, control and communication, etc., and it can greatly improve the quality and quantity of the transmission.



OPPC in engineering construction can refer to the design specifications of OPGW and three-phase conductors, such as sag tension, calculation of the hanging point, distributed disks and span, etc.,

In the construction of OPPC, it is necessary to separate the fiber unit from the operating phase conductors, which involves the technology of fiber connection and photoelectric separation, the connection technique and high voltage insulation are highly required.

OPPC connection box is different from that of other optical cables, it is divided into transition connection box and terminal connection box. On the basis of the mature products abroad, similar products have already been developed by ourselves.

At present, our company has successfully run several lines under 10KV, 35KV, 110KV, 220KV and so on, and the first OPPC route was put into operation in the Tiger Pit power plant.


   Model check list between OPPC and LGJ

ModelNominal sectional area mm2Structured number/ diameter (mm)Calculated sectional area (mm2)Outer diameter                                                    (mm)DC resistance is less than (Q/Km)Rated tensile strength (KN)Calculated mass (kg/km)
J L7G1A-95/2095/207/4.167/1.8596.0918.8Z113.9613.90.302037.24408.2
OPPC-24B1-                                                    95/2095/209/3.51/2.4LB20;                                                    5/2.4LB27:96.5117.64113.7314.20.293638.68418.6
J L/G1 A-95/5595/5512/3.207/3.20108.7356.30152.8116.00.299277.85706.1
OPPC-24B1-                                                    95/5595/5513/3.051/3.5LB20;                                                    5/3.4LB2115.6741.26150.0016.40.254180.2652.2
JL/G1A-                                                    120/20120/2026/2.387/1.85122.9618.82134.4915.10.249642.26466.1
OPPC-24B1-                                                    120/20120/208/4.31/2.4LB20;                                                    5/2.4LB20;122.4820.36143.3215.80.230151.2515.8
OPPC-24B1-                                                    120/25120/258/4.31/2.5LB20;                                                    5/2.5LB20;145.6822.09145.6316.10.228753.90532.0
OPPC-24B1-1                                                    50/20150/2030/2.41/2.5LB27;                                                    5/2.5LB2148.8618.56165.1717.10.194247.31566.8
OPPC-24B1-                                                    150/25150/2530/2.51/2.5LB23;                                                    5Z2.5LB23147.2620.62176.7117.50.182454.63609.5
OPPC-24B1-                                                    150/35150/3530/2.551/2.60LB14;                                                    5/2.55LB14;187.0326.83184.0517.90.180369.25660.9
OPPC-24B1-                                                    185/25185/2528/2.851Z2.60LB23;                                                    5/2.55LB23;181.3421.59209.4719.10.151960.40704.2
OPPC-24B1-                                                    185/30185/3028/2.851/2.6LB20;                                                    5/2.5LB20:184.7322.98209.2719.00.153067.14714.1
OPPC-24B1-                                                    185/45185/4532/2.71/3.1 LB20;                                                    5/3.0LB20;244.2932.17226.1119.90.146382.62812.4
J MG1A-                                                    240/30240/3024/3.607/2.40251.6431.67275.9621.60.118175.19920.7
OPPC-24B1-                                                    240/30240/3026/3.451/2.7LB20;                                                    5/2.7LB20300.0925.76277.4121.90.113681.33918.3
J UG1A-                                                    300/40300/4024/3.997/2.66305.4738.90338.9923.90.096192.361131.0
OPPC-24B1-                                                    300/40300/4026/3.81/3.0LB20;                                                    5/30LB20390.8831.81337.2824.20.093598.071118.0
J UG1A-                                                    400/35400/3548/3.227/2.50394.5734.36425.2426.80.0739103.671347.5
OPPC-24B1-                                                    400/35400/3554/3.01/3.1LB23                                                    5/3.0LB23488.5830.02424.5927.10.0728105.011350.6
OPPC-24B1-                                                    500/45500/4554/3.351/3.4LB23;                                                    5/3.35LB23:96.0937.20529.1130.20.0584130.621680.4

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